The zines and albums listed here are what I currently have in print, available through PayPal. Or, to order the old fashioned way, send well-concealed cash, check, or money order (made out to Marc Parker) to PO Box 12763, Portland, OR 97212, USA, plus three dollars shipping. Allow two weeks for order processing.

Tell It Like It Tiz!
The Marie Smith Center Book
(half-legal, 160 pp.)

Breakfast for Dinner #2
The Portland issue
(digest, 28 pp.)

Breakfast for Dinner #1
An honest zine
(digest, 28 pp.)

Gothic grunge demo
(cassette, 30 min.)

Tagalongs - Shitty Cloud
Includes zine
(7" colored vinyl, 12 min.)

We are the Tagalongs
Handmade cover
(cassette, 32 min.)

Azmacourt #7
Fifth printing!
(digest, 24 pp.)

Rainy Day Fuck Fest #1 & #2
With Beau and Morgan
(digest, 32 pp.)

No Call, No Show
A call center play
(digest, 76 pp.)